Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Info...

A bit more before we get started (I know, I haven't even started and I'm procrastinating!) on the actual study. The only bible I have now is the one I was given for free at school (it's kinda cool, it's leather with an Academy seal on the front), but it's not KJV! So I think I'll be okay using this one. It's the New Revised Standard Edition from the 80's. Of course, you should be able to follow along with any bible, but some wording/phrasing will be different.

Also a disclaimer: I am not a theologian, I am not a bible scholar, I am not professionally involved with any of this. I am merely a thinker, an ex-Christian atheist, who wants to know what we can really find in the bible. I am not doing this to "disprove" the bible, and maybe along the way god's love will descend upon me in a fuzzy little cocoon and I will re-convert. It's possible. But more likely I'll just be poking fun and musing.

A note: Christians are welcome to follow along, read, comment, anything they would like. But I am warning you upfront that I have very little use for being overly polite on my own turf, so any "I'm so offended!" emails will go straight to the trash.

Okay, enough preliminaries! With no further ado, I bring you Genesis 1...

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